Looking Up
A Unique Video Installation Complementing the NASA Art Exhibition at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs


Fine Arts Center


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The Motion Pixel Lab is honored to have the opportunity to join such a fantastic show at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs.

NASA Art, 50 Years of Exploration
, is a collection of artwork organized by the Smithsonian and NASA covering half a century of progress and tragedy in the space program. A variety of artists tell the story of NASA with various forms of media.

"Looking Up" complements the NASA exhibit with an installation that captures the wonder of our planet and the seemingly endless splendor of the universe. From two giant screens suspended high above the museum floor, imagery of great abstract terrains, twirling clouds, spinning galaxies, and sublime, wispy nebula drift over the viewer. The sheer size of the video holds back nothing when showcasing the grandeur of the earth and the distant reaches of space.

"Looking Up" was a great experience for the Motion Pixel Lab. From design and implementation, to animation and compositing, much of the work was technically and creatively challenging, and thus very rewarding. We were able to visualize a video setup, with the help of our good friend Mike Esch, that we had never even fathomed previously. We were able to work artistically with some of the incredible space imagery captured by the Hubble telescope - to bring vast and brilliant galaxies and nebulae to life. We were able to launch rockets that stream by the camera into the outer reaches of space. While very frustrating at times, the uniqueness of the project always kept it interesting.

Check it out! Let us know what you think. We were very pleased. In fact, it actually exceeded our expectations.

The Motion Pixel Lab would like to thank Blake Milteer and Scott Penner at the Fine Arts Center for their willingness to consider such a unique installation, and CEAVCO Audio/Visual for projection support. We are also indebted to Mike Esch, who almost super-humanly designed, engineered and set into the place the enormous screens that otherwise would have made this project impossible.

Show Information:
NASA Art - 50 Years of Exploration | 12-19-09 to 3-07-10 | Fine Arts Center <- link